Un été à #Montréal.

Life pass so fast. Even keep a blog updated is a task that we can procrastinate easily, especially in the summertime. But I have to say that in my first summer in this city, I have done fewer exciting things that I expected. Until now my life has consisted of working, sweating as hell, walking by a crowded Place des Arts full of people who don’t know what the heck they are doing there (because there are nothing else to do) and missing the beach.
It’s EVERY summer the same? I hope no!
Until now Montreal has been kind of boring. Probably people here will find me as an unadapted, out of place or even a complete asshole, so WHAT? At this time of my life, I am capable to assume. People don’t like your statements all the time, especially at first.
That is the point I wanted to get in. It is right that you have a public and a bunch of customers to seduce and make them happy getting your stuff, but simply, YOU ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE! I AM NOT FOR EVERYONE! and I know it. YOU know it!
So in this case, even if I show my malaise in Montreal, for sure there will be people who find this right. This is the kind of people you have to work for.
Anyway, when you have a good argument, those who at first were displaced, finally get to you without to call them. You are right, you don’t have to change of way of thinking to please everybody, because YOU ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE!
Be proud and fierce of what are you doing. The good audience will arrive soon or later.

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Y ahora que hacemos con esta imagen en el universo virtual?

Well, the truth is that is time to look for people who want to see our “shits”, how Jessie Reyes said. At this time of the year according to Google Trends much more people are searching for the “how to get traffic” formula for their own projects after a complete year working in content and branding. 
If you are #shrewd, you will find a way to take advantage of this massive research and get organic traffic, which is the most valuable.

Your #Vibe attract your tribe! Where is my #Tribe? 

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Arcade Fire kept me away from danger last night, but the night before I was eating on that corner. Danforth has been my neighbourhood since I arrived in Toronto and I feel really sad about this vile event. The street where I walk daily is now the scene of a slaughter as I had seen just on TV.  That was close!
I think is better don’t think about what if. I am thankful to be safe. I am thankful to be a fan of Arcade Fire and have gone to the concert with the certitude that I had to be there.

All my thoughts are with the victims and affected by this tragedy.  No words can express my sorrow.
Danforth will remember this but I am sure it will continue to be the great place it has been.